The enemy's attack: living in a gangsters paradise.

It has become so deeply and painfully clear that my last post was an outpouring of the immense pain and destruction I have seen, felt and sadly lived by not being able to identify the enemy. Satan. Who seeks to kill and destroy us all.

I was blinded even thinking that it was actually The Lord that wrote that. But it was The Lord that ALLOWED it to come out. To be seen and shared.

At first, in this realization, I thought to erase it. To hide it. Again, the enemy, just like in the story, to hide the decomposing ugliness, quick....... Than The Lord told me to leave it for all the world to see however, to have the courage to SHARE what he had shown me about it.

He awakens me every night in the middle of my sleep at around 3-4:30am. He awakens me to share the truth. He brings me things I need. He leads me places and to people. Kingdom people. My people. My tribe. Praise,praise, praise. There is none above him.

The Lord has recently led me to some people who are actually living and preaching and teaching all that I have been feeling in my heart for all of my life.

Things I have been lied to about, laughed at and mocked about. Made to be felt crazy. Told I was the problem. When that was yet another of the multitude of lies had been fed since a child. The enemy is a liar.

Now that every moment I am seeking The Lord everything is changing. EVERYTHING. I seek first. It is intense. It is not easy. It is far from pretty. But the gratitude and love is beyond ANYTHING I have known.

GOD is alive, real and well. And he is calling us all back. Because we are all so special.

Pray for me on my path.But know I have never been better. And I will as I always have share my path for you all to see as I make my way back home. To become the kingdom builder I was born and put here to be.

Sending Love, Light and Blessings to you all.....

Amen. Hallelujah

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